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Wearable HealingArts®

We are a designer clothing and homeware company that creates products from the fine art of Dr. Helen Kagan. Our online boutique exhibits Helen’s signature style of lively hues embedded with healing energies.

The healing frequencies of color and embedded spiritual messages in these energetically balanced compositions are carefully reproduced so they maintain the integrity and healing properties of Helen’s original artworks.

Helen founded Wearable HealingArts® as a result of her personal mission to make it possible for everyone to enjoy fine art through vibrant garments and homeware—and to benefit from their encoded healing intentions.

Dr. Helen Kagan: Psychologist, Scientist and Fine Artist

When Helen began showing her work publicly, there were similar responses from inside and outside the art world—people loved her colorful "joie de vivre" art and were often drawn to specific pieces that moved them in unexpected ways.

Often, they described a sense of connection, nurturing, and even love emanating from the art:

“This piece spoke to me and I had tears in my eyes.”

“I had a strong soul connection with a piece that lightened my heart.”

“That painting brought forth some memories that needed to be released."

Helen's vision for healing art garnered the interest of many people from different walks of life who were inspired and moved by it. Her mission became to further develop this unique "healing through art" modality to help individuals and communities heal and create a sense of overall wellbeing.

Over time, Helen has synergistically integrated all her professional disciplines into her artwork. Her skills as a scientist, psychologist, therapist, holistic practitioner, and artist are woven into her HealingArts.

The Origin of Wearable HealingArts®

Dr. Kagan believes in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit and that now, more than ever, the world needs positive energy and spiritually based intentions, beliefs, and values.  She hopes her art will become a conduit for serenity and brighten places of refuge while truly bringing healing to everyone in need. 

That was why Helen wanted to make her healing art more accessible and affordable to everyone. She tried making reproductions, prints and giclees, but wasn’t completely satisfied. She wanted to make her art wearable! This is how the idea of Wearable HealingArts® came alive. It took a couple years to trademark her label, and now you can purchase over 500 designer apparel items, housewares, and other colorful healing products that Helen has designed.

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Helen’s Personal Story

HealingArts™ started in 1996, when Dr. Kagan developed her unique healing practice and was providing services at different facilities as a clinical director, holistic psychotherapist, and energy healer Click Here. At that time, Helen lived and worked in NYC where she developed and ran culturally competent behavioral health programs for immigrants from Eastern Europe. The programs became well known internationally and delegations from several countries visited Helen’s clinics to learn about her successful methods. Helen integrated many healing modalities into her practice; art became one of the main modalities.

Dr. Kagan believes that art is a catalyst for healing individuals, society, and the environment. She was a pioneer in creating art with an INTENTION to heal. In her own words:  "As a severe PTSD survivor, my own complex life journey brought me to the point where I would not survive without creating. I think I am a true "healing artist" who started to use art, energy and spiritual work, music, movement, and other expressive modalities to support my own healing, as well as to enhance a healing process to those in need. I bring together fine art and the art of healing by synergistically integrating healing frequencies of color, positively charged intention, embedded spiritual messages, and energetically balanced composition."

Select Portfolios & Media

Helen’s HealingArts™ have been featured in many domestic and international galleries, magazines, articles, and catalogs.

Shows & International Art Fairs, ArtEXPO New York, Art SanDiego, ArtHop VT, Art Hamptons, Spectrum ArtBasel Miami, and others; exhibited in-person in NY, NJ, MI, AZ, WI, MN, CA, VT, FL, and internationally in many online galleries. Helen produced a unique Virtual Show and interview out of her "One Woman Show" - a physical exhibit “Colors, Healing & Beyond” of 100 artworks, curated and displayed in Orlando FL, during pandemics. Interview: Watch Video

Magazine Features
FL Design Magazine, FineArt NY Magazine, BLINK Art Resource, ArtTour International (Top 60 & ARTYA awards), Authority, Thrive Global, VoyageOrlando, Brickell, Published!, VoyageMia, Insights, Executive Contributor to Brainz.

Healing Path, VoyageMIA, Winner’s Journey, and others

Best Selling Author
Helen is a bestselling author with the book "We are all in this together", and now is co-authoring a new book on "Authenticity Keys" with Jack Canfield Click Here

Select Media  Featured Portfolio  (July 2022- present) (Previously featured in 2017-18; 2020-21) Click Here

Wearable HealingArts – USPTO official Certificate Registered Trademark.  (Nov. 2022) Click Here

EIN Press Wire. “Helen Kagan And The Healing Power of Art”. Click Here

Winning Artist, Award “Voices Of Tomorrow”. Contemporary Art Curator Magazine – Click Here

Bestselling Author International. Bestseller Book: We are All In This Together. Embrace one another. (Jan. 2022) Click Here

FOX40 News WICZ-TV “Helen Kagan And The Healing Power of Art”, 2021  

Featured Artist of the Month. AlessandroBerni International Gallery (NYC, Rome) via  Click Here (Oct. 2022)

Virtual SOLO Show & Interview, “Vis-à-vis” Podcast by Helen Kagan. The physical Exhibition of 100 artworks on display in Orlando, FL  Click Here 

Featured Artist Profile, Orlando Voyager Magazine –  (May 2022) Click Here

Award of Excellence. “The Healing Power of Art” Juried Exhibition. Manhattan Arts International (2022) Click Here

Featured Artist in Invitational Exhibitions by “GALLERYone”, a DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Jan. 2022 – present)

Executive Contributor to Brainz, International Biz, Health & Lifestyle Magazine (Sept. 2022-present) Click Here 

Oct. 2022- present International SOLO Exhibition “Perspectives – Introspectives” by Helen Kagan. Toronto, Ca. Click Here

July 2022 – Featured Artist in CanvasRebel Magazine – Click Here

June 2022 – Featured Artist in ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 4.0 Juried Exhibition. 

Featured Artist Profile, OrlandoVoyager Magazine Click Here  (May 2022)

Biafarin International Platform. Featured Artist Profile & Portfolio  (Jan 2022-present) Click Here 

Featured Artist on online Art platform & Publication  (Nov. 2021- present) Click Here

Authority and Thrive Global Magazines, 2021 Click Here

Winner’s Journey Podcast. The Power Of Healing Arts. ArtTourInternational Interview with Viviana Puello - (2021) Click Here

Artist of the Future Award. Contemporary Art Curator (2021) Click Here

Featured Artist Portfolio @ See.Me (2021)

Podcast “Healing Path” with Laura Donelly “Helen Kagan HealingArts” (2021) Watch Video

Featured Autor & Artist in Insights Magazine “Success Secrets” Issue.  (Nov. 2021) Click Here

Winner (Award of Excellence). “The Healing Power of Art” Juried Exhibition. Manhattan Arts International. Click Here (2021)

Endorsed Artist by ArtTour International Magazine & Create For Peace Art Platform – Click Here

Brickell Magazine & Key Biscayne Magazines Featured “Collectible Artist” Dealer’s Dozen.  (pg 80) (pg 66) Winning Artist Featured for 1 year @ Gilt Complex Gallery Storefront, Stuart FL (2020- 2021) Click Here

BLINK Art Resource International. Featured Artist Portfolio (2016-20)

Saatchi International online Gallery. Portfolio & representation (2015-present) Click Here

Fine Art America International Platform. Portfolio & representation (2013-present) Click Here

ArtsyShark Featured Artist Click Here

Featured Artist, Award of Excellence. “Art That Lift Our Spirit” Exhibition. Healing Power of Art. (2019) Click Here

Art Galaxie International online Gallery. Portfolio & representation (2015-present) Click Here

Featured Artist, Award of Excellence. “Her Story” Exhibition. Manhattan Arts International (2019) Click Here

International Art Festival Platform. New York NY (Portfolio & representation 2014-2020)

Art and Beyond Magazine & online Gallery (Portfolio & representation 2013-present)

Juried TV Show @ Orangenius Platform. One of 4 winning Artists. Click Here

Featured Artist in “Artist of the Week” Contest, VoyageMia Magazine/Tour Guide Click Here

Vermont Art Guide & Artist Database (Portfolio & representation) (2014-2022) Click Here

Voyage MIA Magazine, Featured Artist Portfolio Click Here

Featured Artist. “Rickie Report” Art Magazine. “Helen Kagan Colorful Work Brings Joy & Positivity!” (2018) Click Here

Featured Artist @ VividArtsNetwork (2017-2020)

Featured Artist Art Tour International Catalog Click Here

“Garsot & Kagan: ArtSynergism Illumines The Muses”. Front Cover & Article by Victor Forbes (pgs 23-27) FineArt Magazine, NewYork NY Click Here

ArtTour International. Catalog of SOLO Show “Metamorphosis. Colors & Healing” (2018) Click Here

LightSpaceTime Featured Artist SOLO Show (2017) Click Here | Watch Video 

Artepeneur Art Platform - PRO Profile Click Here

Biafarin International Platform Click Here

Select Video and Podcasts

Watch Video Virtual SOLO Exhibition “Colors Healing & Beyond” Podcast by Helen Kagan. The physical Exhibition of 100 artworks is on display in Orlando, FL (2021)

Watch Video Interview in HealingArts Studio for “One Woman Shows”. Part1 (2020)

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Watch Video Winner’s Journey Podcast “The Power of HealingArts”. (2021)

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Watch Video “Muses & Music” Collection, SPECTRUM ArtBasel Miami (2017)

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Watch Video Solo Show "City Vibe" (2011)

Wearable HealingArts®

While it is known that different types of art can evoke a variety of emotional responses (not always positive or calming), HealingArts™ has always been unique as every work of art is created with healing intention and combines embedded soul touching messages and high vibrational energies with an energetically balanced composition – all of which allows healing and enhances wellbeing.

The wavelengths of colors and their vibrational energies have been a subject of numerous scientific studies.

Emotional responses to various colors have also been cited in a large number of psychological studies. Helen called upon Reiki masters, intuitive healers and other holistic practitioners to feel the energy of specific original pieces.

They all found the healing energies to transfer to the reproductions on any surface, designer garments or other items . Most surmised that Helen’s colorful creations integrating healing intention, high frequencies, sacred geometry and energetically balanced compositions held their healing properties in translation.

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